Welcome to Grandmother's Kitchen Market!

Welcome to Grandmother's Kitchen. Our business is a family creation that has grown organically through hard work, a lot of heart and a love for everything related to the recipes, kitchen, food, nutrition, gardening and living a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

In Grandmother's Kitchen we believe in:

"Everything in moderation . . . even moderation."

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

"Many hands make light work."

In our personal kitchens, we believe in growing our own food as much as possible, supporting organic local farms and the value of sharing meals with our loved ones as much as possible.

Some of our favorite recipes to make are home grown super salads, homemade salad dressing, cabbage rolls, apple pie, anything with potatoes, perogies and of course chocolate chip cookies using healthy organic ingredients.

Our love of the kitchen, of course, came from our Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Aunties, Uncles and each other. In our family, there is nothing more valued than coming together to admire each other's gardens, laugh at crazy gardening tips, and then picking what we need to prepare meals for the family. Meal time is savored and shared all the way until the dishes are done and we remain at the table with a classic cup of Earl Grey tea, local raw honey and some good 'old fashioned conversation.

We hope to share this love of food and family with all of our readers. Here are some of our favorite memories from Grandmother's Kitchen.